Must-Have Travel Tools

Going on a road trip? About to visit another country? Then aside from the ones in, make sure you bring these must-have travel tools!

Optical Camera Lens

Transform your tablets and phones into a state-of-the-art camera! No need to bring that bulky DSLR of yours. All you need is this lens to get a smooth image. You can even zoom in up to 10x, and efficiently capture moments even in low-light situations. If you’re a photography enthusiast, this should be in your bag.

Ergonomic Travel Pillow

Who doesn’t need a pillow that prevents your head from falling while sleeping? Get yourself a travel pillow that you can use on cars, buses, trains, airplanes, and wherever you are. You can even enjoy it while watching TV or playing games on your phone.

Trakdot Luggage Tracker


Don’t ever lose your luggage again with this tracker! Keep track of it wherever it goes. There are other brands as well, but this one is priced at $39.99. Trust me, a tool like this is helpful.

Pocket Projector

Watch a movie easily anywhere with a small projector! It can connect to most smartphones, computers, tablets, video players, cameras, and other media streaming devices. It also has a powerful built-in speaker. You’ll be surprised by how effective it is.

Travel Adapter

Get yourself an adapter that can cover 150 countries plus USB ports and it’ll save you. Believe me.

Laundry Soap Sheets


Portable. Easy to use. Space-saving. These laundry soap sheets can dissolve immediately after adding water. There are even body wash sheets, hand soap sheets, and shaving versions. Truly magically.


Anti-Crease Shirt Transporter

No time to iron your clothes? Get an anti-crease shirt transporter and remove your worries away. It’s perfect for business travels.

Lightweight Backpack

Some backpacks are already heavy even if you haven’t placed anything in them yet. So, if you don’t want to strain your back, get a backpack made from lightweight material.

Travel Cord Organizer

Organize your cords in one place with a travel cord bag, and you’ll never have to deal with tangled cords ever again.

A High-Capacity External Battery Charger


Lastly, bring an external battery charger that has a high-capacity battery. Such chargers are lighter, which means even if they’re a bit larger than the usual, at least they’re lighter. With this tool, your phone or tablet can have sufficient power to get you through a day of travel. Make sure it also has more than one USB port so you can help a friend enjoy his or her trip as well.

And that’s it! Enjoy your journey more with these must-have travel tools!


Why a Pool Cleaner Is Essential

You just have to believe me when I say that getting the best swimpool cleaner of 2018 is a must for you. Not only will it make it way easier for you to clean your pool; it’s even going to help you maintain it and keep it safe. I found some pretty interesting tips from this inspirational source. The text below is based on some of it.

Here are the advantages you can get from a high-quality cleaner:



Effectiveness matters. What good would your pool cleaner be if it can’t efficiently clean your pool? It’ll be nonsense to have it if it can’t go around the pool and clean your walls, floor, and stairs. Every corner, however, can be cleaned if you have a top-quality pool like a robotic pool cleaner. This type of cleaner has been proven to be effective. They can clean in three hours or less, scan the shape of your pool, and get rid of debris better than you! You’ll be glad to know that this kind of cleaner has so many features you’ll be looking forward to pool cleaning all the time.


Pool cleaners foster safety. They clean your pool water thoroughly so that the swimmers won’t have to deal with dirt and bacteria. Dust, algae, and other pollutants won’t be able to disturb your swimming time because a pool cleaner is efficient at cleaning. It also promotes safety by allowing you to use fewer chemicals. A pool with too much pool chemicals isn’t healthy after all.


Pentair-LL505GPool cleaning shouldn’t be as difficult as it sounds. Thank goodness pool cleaners exist! Aside from helping you maintain the cleanliness of your pool, they’re also easy to use. This is especially true for robotic pool cleaners. These cleaners have their own filtration system and filter bags, which make them easy to clean. No more backwashing needed! It’ll leave your pool water crystal clear.

So you see, owning a pool cleaner is a must. If you value your pool, you should get one immediately.


Why a Welding Helmet Matters

In life, our safety matters. We can’t enjoy this borrowed time if we don’t feel safe in all aspects of our life, especially in our work.

One thing that can keep welders safe from the hazards of their daily job is a welding helm. Now, there’s one main reason why it matters, and here it is:

A welding helmet can protect the face and neck from sparks, heat, flash burn, ultraviolet rays, and infrared rays caused by welding procedures.

welding helm

Usually, it’s worn during the application of arc welding like Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) or Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Welding, Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) or Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding, and shielded arc welding. Note that the bright arc produced by these processes can cause the arc eye, which is the inflammation of the cornea.

Helmets, therefore, are crucial. They keep the retina protected and far away from the possibility of getting burned. In case you didn’t know, the burned retina can lead to temporary, even permanent, loss of sight. If your eyes are constantly exposed to the highly concentrated UV and IR rays, it’s only a matter of time before they develop the arc eye or get blind.

A welding helmet can prevent dangerous splashes and fumes to reach your face and neck, keeping you safe from harm every single time.

The Extra Benefits of an Auto-Darkening Helm


An auto-darkening helm has been recently developed for the modern welder. This kind of helmet was designed with a filter that darkens on its own once its sensors detect the brilliance of the welding arc. The lens of an auto-darkening helm is coated with UV- and IR-resistant materials, protecting the face of the welder from all kinds of radiation. Because of this, extra protection is offered for your face and neck.

Auto-darkening helmets also save your time by eliminating the need to pause if you need to inspect the material you’re working on. Note that passive helmets, the ones we were used to, require welders to stop welding so he could lift up the helmet with his hand. When a welder needs to work again, he should then nod his head to put the helm back to its position, which is over his face. This manual adjustment is tiring and time-consuming. However, with an auto-darkening helm, all the welder has to do is to stop welding, and let the shade of the lens automatically change so he can see through the helm. Convenient, isn’t? What’s great about these helms is that they come in elegant designs that make you look cool as you work. If you want further details, all you have to do is read more about this type of equipment.

Clearly, a welding helm matters especially since it offers safety. It’s one headgear that shouldn’t be underestimated and ignored.


What Truly Matters Is…

Ever wondered what truly matters, especially in life?

For some people, having a great physical appearance means being fully accepted by people. What they don’t realize is that there are more important things in life aside from allowing yourself to get beaten up emotionally by other people just because you don’t have a figure like them.

What’s more, what truly matters is…

That You Are You – You’re not pretending to be someone you’re not. You’re not overwhelming yourself with things that you don’t have the ability yet, but have already seen in others. You’re simply you, and becoming who you are meant to become – all the while making use of your significant time to harness your already obvious physical skills, turning them into something that will make you even more you.

For other people, having a great mental presence means being fully loved by people. What they don’t realize is that there are more important things in life aside from allowing yourself to get beaten up spiritually by other people just because you don’t have a mindset like them.

What’s more, what truly matters is…

That They Are You – They’re not pretending to be something they’re not. They’re not overwhelming themselves with things that they don’t have the capability yet, but have already experienced in others. They’re simply you, and becoming what they are meant to become – all the while making use of their significant effort to harness their already obvious mental skills, turning them into something that will make them even more you.

Still confused about all these? Just think of it like how flexible manufacturing technologies allow companies to be who they’re supposed to be – soaring high up in the sky, no matter the weather condition.

What do you think about this blog post? Share your thoughts with us below!


The Perks of Choosing Tea over Sugary Drinks

There is more to a cup of tea than its enjoyable aroma and flavor that makes drinking it a pleasant experience. Its soothing properties have often been touted to provide stress relief, which elevates it as a better choice over coffee when you are having a particularly stressful day. Several researches conducted over the years suggest that certain types of tea help prevent diabetes, cancer, and heart ailments. Many studies also suggest that drinking tea can be good for health and could aid weight loss.

Black Tea
Black tea has the most caffeine content among the four varieties of teas. It is one of the more popular in some countries like the US where it is used for chai and other flavored teas as well as in iced teas. Some of the health benefits of tea purportedly found in this variety includes lowering the risk of stroke as well as shielding the lungs from the effects of cigarette smoke exposure.

Green Tea
There have been many studies done to discover or substantiate the health effects of tea. Among the four varieties, green tea is one of the most widely-researched. It contains significant concentration of EGCG and its antioxidant properties may hinder the growth of different types of cancers such as breast, lungs, and pancreatic among others. It can likewise help in reducing the risk of stroke, maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, and many other health benefits.

Oolong Tea
Oolong is fermented like black tea although for a shorter period of time. It is believed to provide aid in weight loss, fight tooth decay, and prevent skin damage caused by different factors including cigarette smoking and sun exposure.

White Tea
This type has a milder flavor and less caffeine compared with the other varieties. The leaves are less processed compared with black and oolong so it contains more antioxidants. Some of the widely-touted benefits it has include its cancer-fighting properties as well as its potential to lower the risk of heart diseases. It is also said to be beneficial to diabetic patients.