The Perks of Choosing Tea over Sugary Drinks

There is more to a cup of tea than its enjoyable aroma and flavor that makes drinking it a pleasant experience. Its soothing properties have often been touted to provide stress relief, which elevates it as a better choice over coffee when you are having a particularly stressful day. Several researches conducted over the years suggest that certain types of tea help prevent diabetes, cancer, and heart ailments. Many studies also suggest that drinking tea can be good for health and could aid weight loss.

Black Tea
Black tea has the most caffeine content among the four varieties of teas. It is one of the more popular in some countries like the US where it is used for chai and other flavored teas as well as in iced teas. Some of the health benefits of tea purportedly found in this variety includes lowering the risk of stroke as well as shielding the lungs from the effects of cigarette smoke exposure.

Green Tea
There have been many studies done to discover or substantiate the health effects of tea. Among the four varieties, green tea is one of the most widely-researched. It contains significant concentration of EGCG and its antioxidant properties may hinder the growth of different types of cancers such as breast, lungs, and pancreatic among others. It can likewise help in reducing the risk of stroke, maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, and many other health benefits.

Oolong Tea
Oolong is fermented like black tea although for a shorter period of time. It is believed to provide aid in weight loss, fight tooth decay, and prevent skin damage caused by different factors including cigarette smoking and sun exposure.

White Tea
This type has a milder flavor and less caffeine compared with the other varieties. The leaves are less processed compared with black and oolong so it contains more antioxidants. Some of the widely-touted benefits it has include its cancer-fighting properties as well as its potential to lower the risk of heart diseases. It is also said to be beneficial to diabetic patients.